Wednesday, 16 October 2013


Hey friends, do you know what is the most beautiful and cheapest thing in the whole world? Just think. Let me see who is intelligent? OK ,  friends. I am fed up by hearing your brilliant answers. But now, I shall take honour to reveal the answer. The answer is “DREAMS”. Yes, dreams. Dreams are the most beautiful and cheapest thing in the world. Nothing is as beautiful as dreams and they do not cost even a single penny.
       Do you know an interesting thing about dreams? We can compare dreams with genuine software. Wondering how? Let me explain. The first similarity is that, we download the software from the net, right? And we download dreams from our brain. Now time for second similarity, we see our skills while working with the software and we see our imagination power in our dreams.
      Dreams are the things that can produce anxiety in our mind. We can be happy or sad by seeing it. No one can predict dream. Another thing we have in our dreams is the present state of mind. If our mind is in the tension, then the dream will be also related to that. We happy, then dreams happiest. We sad, then dreams also saddest.
      Have you noticed a strange thing in our dreams? While watching a dream if anyone tries to awake us, then we feel the presence of that person’s action in our dreams also. It happened to me also. Did it happen with you?
      So friends, dreams are amazing things. Sometimes we get confidence and inspiration from our dreams. So, dreams can also change our life.

      Hope that you liked my article. I want your encouragement and blessings to go ahead. And I would like to thank BLOGGER AND MY BLOG READERS, i.e. you all for giving support and encouragement to me. Thanks for your valuable time and I am waiting for your valuable suggestions also. 

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