Monday, 25 April 2016


Hey everyone, I am here with a new post after a very long time. Firstly, I would apologize as I was not able to do any activity on my Blog-spot since a long time. Thanks a lot for your patience and love!

Here, I wanna discuss about one of the most important factors behind the success in a person’s life. This is not a new topic for us.  Determination is the condition of being determined. But what does it mean to be determined. Its meaning in dictionary as follows:  make a decision to do something. But does decision-making add complete meaning to the importance of the word ‘DETERMINATION’. I think ‘NO’. It means making a strong will power to achieve any goal.
We have many examples of such successful persons who got their success because of their strong determination. One of my favorite examples I would like to use here first is of Wilma Rudolph. This is a very renowned and familiar name to us. I would like to salute her for her achievement and her strong determination. In spite of her disease-Polio, she made her way to a track and field sprinter with her constant effort and strong determination.

Whatever hurdles rise upon our path to success, we should stick to our determination/will power. We should be determined towards achieving our goal. We could even find many examples of determined persons surrounding us. Even a handicapped person is determined to earn his living in spite of his hard situations. Everyone can determine something, if they want. Don’t think that we are weaker or inferior than others. Just go ahead and leave your footsteps behind for others to follow. Don’t get upset or change your decisions because of the struggles. Just remember this “NO PAIN, NO GAIN”. So, whenever you have a doubt on your will power, just look into the mirror and say “You have that power!! You have that courage!! And you can achieve it!!”

Here is a beautiful quote for you,”The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination”. In short, Determination is the basic step for success. No success without a strong determination.

Now, these are my views on determination. Now, it’s time to present your beautiful thoughts in comment box.

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