Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Many parents believe that study is more important than sports. So they advise their children to spend time in studies, not in sports. Many suggest their children to spend more time in sports than studies and some other suggest their children to spend time in both things equally.
But in my opinion, we should give importance to studies and sports equally. But, some allow their children to spend more time in sports. They believe that children do not have many responsibilities. So, they should enjoy their childhood by spending more time in sports. I agree that sports is definitely good for health, but up to a certain limit. When the limit is crossed, then the good also become bad. We should understand that both are important for childhood. Children in childhood should actively take part in sports and acquire knowledge as well.
Again, I am not against sports. But, studies and sports should be in equal proportion. With the absence of any one thing, can make whole childhood will be incomplete. It would be like sky without moon and stars, river without water, body without mind, etc. So to avoid this situation, we should concentrate on both things.  

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