Thursday, 27 June 2013


                   Hey friends, I am again here with a new post.   I hope that you will like this post.
                   In today’s world, we all get pocket money from our parents.   We all are interested to show off our money in front of our friends.   For that purpose, we buy costly things and present them in front of our friends.   In this way, we show off our money or wealth before our friends.
                   But in this world, a man can amuse us by his way of using his money or wealth.   He is the second richest man in the world.   Yes, that man is WARREN BUFFETT.   We may think that he used to buy costly things of the world by his wealth.   By knowing that he is the second richest man in the world, we can just imagine the wealth that he owns.   We can just imagine his lifestyle.   We may think that he would have many luxurious cars, many servants, security guards, big house, etc.   But he is a different person from our thinking.   That’s his peculiarity.

                 Most of the rich persons in the world would have big houses with all facilities.   But Warren buffet does not own a big house like other rich people.   He owns a very small house.   His house does not have a wall or fence.   Even then, he says that he has everything he needed in that house.   He had bought that house after he got married 50 years ago.    Another luxury is costly cars.   Yes, Warren Buffett also has a car, but not too costly, not too big.   It is like a car of middle class people.   Next is driver for car.   Warren Buffett has so much wealth that he can appoint more than 100 drivers.   But he does not have one also.   He drives his car everywhere himself only.   Next are security guards.   Nowadays, most of the rich and powerful are mad after getting high security for them.   But Warren Buffett is totally different from all of them.   He does not have even one security guard also for him.   He also does not have servants in his house.   He always wanted to live like a simple person.   The world’s richest man, Bill Gates was also impressed by Warren’s way of using his wealth.
                     Warren Buffett owns the world’s largest private jet company.   But he never travel’s through a private jet.   He does not have a mobile phone or computer with him.   He never wasted his money on unnecessary things.   The money he saved by living with minimum facilities was used for the welfare of the charity.   He donated 31 billion dollars to the charity.
                    People do not love and respect him because of his wealth, but for his way of using his wealth.   He treats everyone equally and also treats himself as a normal person.    
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Sunday, 16 June 2013


                      Hey friends, today I am very happy like you all.  Today is June 16, 2013.  Do you know, what is the specialty of this day?   Most of you know that.   But let me remember you that today is “FATHERS DAY”.  Yes, day of our fathers’.

                     On this special occasion, I remember a nice thought, “Anyone can be a FATHER.....But it takes someone special to be a DADDY”.   I know that our all father’s are special.  But this is the fact that we all think that “My FATHER is the best in the world”.   I also think about my father in this way only.   I think myself lucky to get my papa.   He is like my friend.   If anyone asks me about my boyfriend, I would reply proudly and without hesitating that “I HAVE ONLY ONE BOYFRIEND AND THAT’S MY PAPA”.   That much I love MY PAPA.   He helps me in everything.   He fulfills my wishes.   He never disappoints me.

                 Last month, I went to my village with my mummy and sister.   There in the village, I missed my papa.   I was counting the days left over between papa and me.   One day also, if he would not call me, then I become sad.   I don’t know what happen to me when I feel his absence.   He fights with me like my friend.   We also debate in some particular topics.   At that time, I forget that he is my papa or father.   I feel him as my friend- my best friend.   I love him so much.

            I hope that you also think about your father like me only.  If you don’t think like this, then just see back your history – from your childhood to till the time.   Who had care for you and how?   You will get all your answers.

                                                                                    I WISH “HAPPY FATHERS DAY” TO THE FATHERS OF THE WHOLE WORLD.